SecuPerts Cyber Shield

Sandbox for everyone: secure surfing and e-mailing with Cyber Shield

With our new software Cyber Shield from our SecuPerts series, the computer world will become a lot safer. We want to create with the software, which has not really succeeded with conventional protection programs until today: Be safe on the Internet. Safe surfing and secure e-mail communication are possible!

Who does not know this situation or has heard about it: You just clicked on an attachment of an invoice by e-mail and already the whole computer is contaminated. In the worst case, even completely locked.

SecuPerts Cyber Shield Screenshot

No more afraid of malware, viruses and Trojans

Malware, viruses and Trojans are more than a nuisance every day you use your computer use and many private individuals or companies have been already victims of such attacks – which causes billions of Dollar in damage each year.

Deleting and stealing files – or even using the computer for the own purposes by hackers: We want to put an end to this with SecuPerts Cyber Shield.

Protection against cyber-attacks: Additional security level for your computer

We want to establish a procedure that works completely different from the usual protective measures.

An anti-virus solution e.g. uses lists of known malicious programs (using digital fingerprints) and also tries to detect unknown malicious programs on the basis of typical behavioral rules. There is a great chance that new threats will not always be recognized. Unfortunately, firewalls, spam filters or intrusion detection systems hardly help against zero-day attacks or ransomware Trojans. As a matter of principle, providers of such security solutions are always one step behind.

SecuPerts Cyber Shield

Additional security: Isolation instead of detection

Cyber Shield offers a new approach: The software outsourced access to the Internet in a colloquially called sandbox system. If e.g. a malicious e-mail attachment is opened, this virus can not break out of this virtual system and access the actual computer. Cyber Shield does not rely on malware detection – but isolates it.

No damage – neither locally nor in the network

As in a glass case, a virus or Trojan cannot access the rest of the operating system thanks to Cyber Shield and is thus isolated. Neither the operating system nor the network can be damaged. And the best part is: Close or restart our software, the malware is also removed. So you don’t have to re-install your system!

Any potentially dangerous user activity, such as accessing a web page, downloading a document, opening an email attachment, or watching a video is individually encapsulated by Cyber Shield.

Additionally anonymous thanks to VPN

Cyber Shield is also equipped with a VPN function: Integrated into Cyber Shield is an Internet anonymization service that uses a virtual private network (VPN) to access the Internet in an encrypted and non-traceable way.

First of all, Cyber Shield is aimed at private users and smaller companies with few computers. A business version is planned. The software will be released in a version for Windows 10, Windows 8, 8.1 and Windows 7, a version for Mac will follow soon.

Test results

We do not have access to all the viruses and Trojans – that’s why we rely on external companies, who are testing e.g. anti-virus programs professionally. Cyber Shield is being tested externally by independent companies! We already have the first test results or awards:

PC Security Labs: Excellent Sandbox Best of 2018 Initiative Mittelstand Wir sind Teilnehmer der Allianz für Cyber-Sicherheit des BSI